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The Evangelists of Beauty

Twenty of us gathered in our living room on Saturday night for a very special screening and private concert.   The film was Broke*, a documentary about the (dysfunctional) music industry and one artist’s struggle to find his way - and his place - within it.  The concert was a much too short performance by Will Gray (he’s the guy in the photo above and the ridiculously talented star of Broke*) and his longtime friend Reva Williams of Gretel.

"You’re evangelists of beauty," someone said when Will and Reva paused after their second song.  "How do I get more of that in my life?"

The answer, it seems, is more complicated than you’d think.  There are reasons that artists like Will - who, no exaggeration, is one of the most talented musicians and songwriters I’ve ever met - are struggling to get by while _______ (I’ll let you fill in the blank) is on radio repeat.  Broke* tells this story and gives you more of Will, which, trust me, you need.

So start clicking:  HERE for more about Broke*, HERE for Will Gray’s music, and HERE for Reva Williams/Gretel.